InVideo Review  


Just what the world needs, yet another video maker!

Well that was my first thought.

Was I right to be so dismissive??????????????

What Is Invideo And Why Should You Want It?

InVideo (InV)is the most exciting video maker/video ad creator/ quick video maker that I have come across in the last few years.

Why do I feel this way about InVideo?

Because it allows you to maximise your creativity by simplifying all the “techy” stuff.

I’ve tried (and still use) a few video software suites.

Some are good for particular jobs: I love Camtasia for screen capture.

My favourite video editor is Movavi.

Until I tried this software,  my favourite story telling/listicle software was Content Samurai (CS).

The common features all these products have are:

  • They deliver a top quality product
  • They are easy (uncomplicated) to use


Why Did I Go Looking For InVideo (Or Similar)?

Currently I use Content Samurai because it’s so easy to pull together a professional looking video with very little effort.

But while it has made some amazing advances over the last couple of years it still frustrated me with the lack of visual impact I could achieve.

I could make great looking videos but just couldn’t take them to the next stage of “jumping out at you”.

I could visualise what I wanted to do but the tools weren’t there to do it.

You know the sort of thing, where you want a speech box or special effect to highlight a point you’re trying to make.

Sure, I could have figured our work arounds but it’s so time consuming when there’s so much else to do.

So, what did I find when I opened it up ?

The first thing you find are three distinct options for video creation:



  • Option 1 – Convert Your Script To Video

This is where you take a prepared  script or one of your blog posts and turn it into a video.

A word of warning here: The Free and Pro versions only allow you to create videos up to 3 minutes in length.

That needn’t be an issue as you can easily stitch together 2-3-4 videos using your video editor.

If your script/post is long, just break it up into 3 minute sections.

After choosing this option you’re taken to the next section where you can choose:



  1. Your video dimensions
  2. Your template from a wide (and increasing) range of options.


Next you’re shown a run through of the template and confirm your choice.



The next screen asks for your script and headline for the video.



At this point you can choose to type or copy/paste your text to the editor


WOW Feature 1.

Below the script box is an option “Add your url here”.



If you’re turning a blog post into a video, simply drop in the post url here and your post will be imported .



Click on any sentence you want to use in your video and it’s added to the video script.

Alternatively choose the “Auto Summarise” option and the software will automatically edit your text to a maximum of 50 scenes.



Then you can add and subtract as appropriate.

** This is a great feature for editing a long post into a shortened version in video.

The shorter video can link to the full article using it as a content upgrade.

Be careful to keep your sentences short as each will appear in the scene.

Don’t end up with 20 words squeezed on to one page and looking messy.


Wow Feature 2

Below the add your url box you’ll notice another box titled “Add your Media Files here…:



In addition to the template you’ve chosen there may be certain of your own video clips or images you want to use in the video.

Here is where you can upload them and have them ready to insert when required.

Having edited the script to your satisfaction, move on to the next step.

The next screen shows a summary of your scenes numbered in the top left hand corner.

In each scene you can change the media and edit as needed.





This is where things get REALLY exciting.

These are the elements you can edit individually:

Text                     Media                      Enhancers                    Voiceovers


What do they have in common?

  • ✅  All can be timed to appear and disappear within the scene as you choose
  • ✅  All can be animated (fade in/out, slide in/out etc)
  • ✅  All can positioned on the screen where you choose
  • ✅  All can be easily resized



A wide range of fonts is available for you to choose from.

Bold/Light /Regular/Medium etc.

Text height is variable.

You can choose Font Size, Line Height, Style, and Alignment

Choose from a wide range of text colours

Select the opacity of the text box



Not only can you animate the text box, but additionally animate the text within the box to slide in slide out etc.




You can set it to select the most appropriate videos/images to suit your text. From this it will create the individual scenes.

If the videos/images are not to your liking, just delete as use one of the other suggestions.

Alternatively you can upload your own videos and images and use them.

All can be animated to bounce in out, pan left/right and so on




Wow Feature 3

If you really want to make your video fizz, there’s a ton of enhancements you can add.



Choose from:

  • Tweet/Instagram post.

Simply add the url of your tweet or post and it will appear in a box in your scene.

Adjust size to suit

  • Stickers/Icons

Currently there are seventeen different categories to choose from.

Within each category there’s a wide range of images /icons to select from.

Just click on the image and it appears in your scene.



  • Collage/Layouts

The current images/videos on your scene will rearrange themselves as part of the collage.

  • Overlays

This where you can add some visual excitement to your scene.

Choose from a wide range of categories of overlays

Confetti, Entertainment, Fireworks and many more.

Again each category offers a wide range of choices.



  • Shapes

Five categories and over 100 different shapes to choose from.




If you want to add a voice over to your video, there are a few options:

  • Automated text to voiceover.

This feature allows your text to be turned into an automated voiceover.  There’s a wide range of voices and languages to choose from. Listen to a range of voices and select the most appropriate one.  Once you’re satisfied it’s OK with the first scene there’s handy little button that allows you to create the auto voiceover for the whole video with a single click

  • Upload an audio file  from your device

Add to the individual scenes. The only problem with this is at present it can’t synchronise voicever to text. This means that the voice over for each scene has to be a separate file. This is OK if you’re doing a short video without much speech. Conversely it’s a pain in the rear if your video is long with a lot of speech.

  • Record directly on to each scene via mic.

This is probably the quickest and easiest way to get your own voiceover onto your video.




Once you’ve edited all your scenes to your satisfaction you can add some music to the mix.

Either use the provided tracks – about 20 categories with multiple choices.

It’s easy to balance speech and voiceover volumes for a good balance



Once you’re happy with your video click the Preview and Export button at the top of the page. In a few seconds you can watch a full preview of your video.



At this point you can export which sends your video for rendering. This takes a few minutes and I guess depends to some extent on how many folks are trying to render at the same time. But in my experience you don’t have to wait very long.

On the other hand, you may watch the preview and think there are things you’d like to change.

Just click Continue Editing button and you’re back at the storyboard  where you can choose which scenes you want to change.


When your video has been rendered you can find it in My projects.

There you can download your video to your device. In My Projects you can also re-edit and duplicate the video.



  • Option 2 – Readymade Versatile Templates


This is where you can create promos, product videos , video ads, social videos and so much more.

When you select this option you’re taken to the templates page.

Here you chose from a cornucopia of templates, divided up into sectors:

Insert pic of templates and sectors.

  • Promo Videos
  • Instagram Videos
  • Video Ads
  • Instagram Stories
  • Intro/Outro
  • Testimonials
  • Product Videos
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Bumper Ads




Select the video format you want.

Watch the template through and decide if that’s right for you.

Start editing.

You have all the same range of facilities as described in Option 1 above

Check out the video  below where I use the Readymade Templates to create a video


  • Option 3 Build Your Own Video



Start with a blank canvas and build it your own way.

Select this option and you are presented with a choice of 3 sizes.

Click from there and you arrive at a blank storyboard.

You choose the text you want to enter and either search for the images and videos you’ll use or upload your own.

You are in total control to create the video your way.




In terms of video making I have never come across such a simple but versatile system as InVideo.

When you consider that this product is still in the development stage, this is one to concentrate your efforts on now.

If your aim is for impactful, attention grabbing videos, I hope this Invideo review helps you make the right decision.


Who Is InV For? 


  • Internet Marketers

Two obvious applications of this software are:

✅ Video Ads

✅Quick Explanatory Videos

✅Video ads.  If you are making video ads for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc this product is right up your street.  You can create quality ads that before you could only dream of.

What’s more it only takes a few minutes.

Just click on one of the ready made templates, alter it to suit your message and save and render.

✅Quick Explanatory Videos or Listicles

Use the “Convert Your Script” option and select the images/videos to tell your short explanatory video.

Add music and/or voiceover. So easy it’s not true. How much time you spend making the video is in your hands.

✅If you’re making a listicle (Top Five Tips To….) there are plenty of templates in the “Readymade Templates” option. Add your own headlines, text and teaser and you’re done.


  • Business Owners

✅ Restaurant owners, imagine how quickly you can create a mouth watering video ad or special promotion for your business.

It might take tops, 30 minutes to use one of the readymade templates (add some of your own food shots/restaurant images), save, export and post to your social accounts. Or email the link out to your customers.

This applies across all small businesses.

Do you really want  to pay some hot shot video maker ($500) to make you a video.?

Join up and you can make 30 videos a month for $50.

That’s less than $2 per video.



And the stinger is, the more you do the better and quicker you’ll get at it.

And you won’t be filling somebody else’s pockets!!

  • Anyone With A Website

✅The key to raising your website’s ranking is to engage your visitors.

✅What better way is there than video?

✅Video captures people’s imagination.

✅If it’s engaging they’ll probably watch it again.

✅This then leads to them checking out your other videos on other pages of your site.

✅ As far as Google is concerned this is food from the gods.

✅Video is the future of the internet, don’t miss out when it’s so easy to join in using InVideo.

Pros and Cons of InV 


🌟Super quick top quality videos

🌟Over 1 million images and videos

🌟Over 100 (and increasing all the time) templates

🌟Amazing functionality giving you endless variety for your videos

🌟Wide selection of background music

🌟Choice of 3 different video sizes

🌟Great value for money

🌟So easy to use


🌟3 minute maximum video length (although it is easy to stitch them together in a video editor)

🌟 No full video voice to text synchronization. I believe this is to follow soon.


What’s Next for InV? 

InVideo is under constant development.

It seems like every few days there’s an announcement in the users group (another big plus) telling us about a new feature or an upgrade on an exiting feature.

New templates, new voiceover options, new overlays etc. It goes on and on.

The image below gives you some idea of the development roadmap at the time of writing this review.



What do users say about the product? 




To Summarise My InVideo Review

I started reviewing it in a fairly negative frame of mind.

The market place is full of the “next best thing” video makers all “guaranteed” to make your videos stand out and get you great rankings in Youtube etc.

However I must I admit, I’ve become a convert.


So, what do your get? 


So, why should you buy InV? 



So, how much will you pay? 



🔴 InVideo really is something out of the ordinary and I hope this article has shown that it should be a welcome addition to any videomakers toolbox.

🔴  InV is so versatile

🔴  InV has something for the experienced video maker with its amazing features.

🔴  InV is an ideal solution for anyone wanting to make a simple video.

🔴  InV can help anyone with a website, any business owner, any blogger to make very tasty videos with a few minutes practice.

🔴  It’s often been said that video is the future of the internet.

🔴  That’s now completely out of date.

🔴  InV is the future of the internet.


Play Button Play Button


If you want an online presence, you must be creating videos.

InV allows you to achieve that at a level most others dream about.

Don’t wait get aboard the InVideo bus now, or risk losing out completely.

Sign up now while you still can for your free account from my Invideo review



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