New InVideo Pricing 2020


What Is InVideo?

InVideo is one the newer kids on the block in video creation software, but with amazing advanced editing features

It’s an online video editor for video makers and businesses across all sectors

It creates videos you can easily and quickly share across a range of social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Equally importantly you need almost no graphic design skills. There are over 3000 (and growing) Customizable Video Templates to choose from across a wide range of business and leisure niches.

If you are looking to create professional videos, promotional videos in fact almost any kind of video content this is a video editing software you must consider.

Launched in 2019, it’s a full featured product and was at a top notch full price to begin with. It has now come down to a lower price point if you choose a paid plan.

However the people behind InVideo have big, big plans for the product.  They have revised their Invideo pricing strategy to reflect this. It now has a plan for all pockets.

It will make everything form short individual clips to high quality professional videos.

You can see the current InVideo pricing below.


Video Templates

InVideo gives you a choice in excess of 3000 video templates spread over these sectors:

All these premade templates are very high quality and you can adapt them to your own use. You do this by means of the advanced editing options available with InVideo.

Video Editing Features

Using this online video editing tool is an absolute dream.

There’s a huge range of editing features at your fingertips: media, music, text, stickers, effects, shapes, enhancers and a function to upload your own media.

You can choose from:

  •  1,000,000+ Premium photos and videos
  • 3,000,000+ standard photos and videos
  • A range of premium video templates limited by your membership level.


Voice overs

Epic videos

premium templates unlimited Premium Templates creating marketing videos


InVideo Pricing

While there is a free version, at $120 per year for the Small Business Plan $360 per year for the Unlimited Plan. It’s the bargain of the century if you create videos on a regular basis.

Both paid options share the same features the only difference is unlimited video creation and unlimited premium photos and videos in the more expensive plan

The Free plan does have severe limitations.

Both paid plans have these features:

No InVideo watermark on your videos


Full Editing Features


3000+ Curated Designer Templates


1,000,000  Premium Photos & Videos

The significant differences between the two types of accounts are:


Video Quality:

On the Free version the quality is 720p whereas on the Business you get the much improved 1080p which about doubles the quality of your video imaging.


Video Run Time:

The Free version limits you to a maximum video length of 5 minutes. This is OK for some type of jobs but if you want a longer video you’ll need to go for one of the subscription versions which gives you 15 minutes.


Downloads per month:

On the Samll Business InVideo you are limited 60 downloads per month. In fact this means 60 separate videos.

You can download your finished video and then if you’re not satisfied with the results, go back in and re-edit and then download again.

To InVideo this counts as one download. This is great as it allows you to see the finished item and polish it as much as you want.

On the unlimted plan you can create and download unlimited different videos per month. If you are a prolific video creator this is the one for you.


Brand Preset:

A brand preset is where you can set up a range of factors particular to say your video channel.

This includes logo, colours, into and outro videos, links to your social accounts.

The Free version gives you one preset which is fine if you only have one YouTube/Facebook page etc.

The paid version gives you multiple presets.



The paid (Business) version allows you 5GB of storage against 1GB on the Free plan.

As you know video files can bulk up very quickly and 1GB can be used up very quickly.

But then again it depends how much video you use.


Resell Rights:

If you’re planning to sell your videos (given how easy it is to create amazing video ads with InVideo, I assume this is a must) then you’ll need the paid version.


Premium Stock Videos:

No matter how good your ideas are, if you’re using the same free stock videos from Pixabay etc, your videos run the chance of appearing a bit “samey” as many of your competitors.

Taking up the paid plan gives to access to 100,000 premium stock videos from Shutterstock.

These are top quality videos and will really set you apart from the crowd.

You are allocated 300 stock videos per month in the small business plan, which averages out at about 10 per video if you use your full monthly quota of 30 videos.


Text To Speech:

While the Free plan allows you to voice your own text, only on the paid plans do you have access to the text to voice feature.

This offers over 25 languages/accents.

It is also an auto feature so there’s no worry about the timing and sequencing of the voice track.


On the Free plan you have access to a wide range of music tracks, but if you want to use your own you will need the paid version.


  • If want to make the best videos, you will want to sign up for the paid version.
  • The people behind InVideo are throwing a tremendous amount of effort and money behind it, with the plan for InVideo being the dominant video making software.

It’s fairly safe to assume that when new features are added, they will be added to the paid versions. This has already happened with the most recent additional features of text to speech and adding your own music.

InVideo Pricing

  • At the current price ($20 per month or $120 per year) this software is an absolute steal.
  • Comparable software, such as Content Samurai will cost you about $49 per month and most others of any value are not much less than that.




Talking to the people behind InVideo, I believe that they have big plans for this product.

Essentially there are three options, with InVideo, one which is free, limited and basic. The others two paid fully featured subscription options.

Having been with InVideo for over a year now I can rate their support as second to none. The few issues I’ve had have were resolved quickly and efficiently.

Who is to say that InVideo pricing may move in this direction over time?

If you are considering InVideo for your business I’d recommend to get in now while Invideo pricing is exceptionally reasonable.



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